Wayne T. Fellows, Inc.

Scope of Operations

Quality. Freshness. Dependability.

Wayne T. Fellows, Inc. was built on the reputation of the founder’s name and a reputation that we have worked hard to uphold and strengthen. Wayne T. Fellows, Inc. believes that we can provide better service with quicker delivery times, more pleasant attitudes and better prices, as a combined package, than any of our competitors. Many of our competitors sacrifice one to strengthen the other. We believe in the integrity of our name and believe that such sacrifices shortchange the customer and, in the end, our company and reputation as well. 

​The scope of our firm is refrigerated food transportation, both LTL and truckload, in the Southeast, Southwest, East Coast, and Midwest regions. Specifically, the dimensions of our scope are quite defined. Our customers include produce/citrus/herb growers, shippers, or importers in Florida or Georgia, as well as supermarket chains who hire us direct to supply their distribution centers. Finally, our customer base also includes companies that specialize in various meat industries for return delivery.
Our scope, as it relates to customers, must stay within this subset. Certainly, our customer scope must be limited to those needing temperature-sensitive food transportation in our current lanes of coverage.

We operate on needs-based positioning. We have strategically placed ourselves, and our offerings, in direct accordance to our customers’ needs. Many of our new routes of service have arisen from customer need and have quickly become valuable additions. 

​Our value proposition is that we provide our customers with quality, dependable service of their time-sensitive and temperature-sensitive products at a consistent price year round. Instead of rising and falling prices with the differing seasons, we believe that our quality service is worth the same amount each week, regardless of the changing price of produce.