Wayne T. Fellows, Inc.

Polk County, Floridawww.polk-county.com
Both of our company offices are located in Polk County, and we think it’s a pretty great place to be. Polk County has a rich agricultural heritage which continues today, and in our line of work, agricultural familiarity is definitely a plus. Moreover, we’re centrally located right in the middle of the state, making the trek to any customer’s location across the state a manageable one. Our central location helps our cross-docking operations run smoothly and cost-effectively. And an interesting note about Polk County – we are Florida’s largest county.
Polk County Youth Fairwww.pcyf.net
The Polk County Youth Fair is an annual event that allows our county’s rich agricultural heritage to continue to reach our upcoming generations. Youngsters from various FFA and 4-H groups across the county emerge on our county seat in Bartow to participate in various agriculture and horticulture related contests. From cooking, to citrus judging, to animal raising, to public speaking, and just about everything in between, the Polk County Youth Fair allows our county’s youth to shine and keeps or rich agriculture roots as strong and deep as ever!

Our Community

It is very important for us as a company to be involved in our community and to support its efforts. Here’s a look at the community that means so much to us.
City of Davenportwww.mydavenport.org
The City of Davenport, first and foremost, is where we call home, and home is where the heart is. The city itself, or its civic organizations, have several events each year for our community. Some of these events include the annual Highwayman Event, the Horseshoe Creek festival, Quilt & Tea, the Halloween/Fall Festival, the Labor Day event, and the Davenport Lions Circus, to name a few. If you like the small town feel, where a sense of community is evident and everyone knows your name, then you’ll understand why our city means so much to us.
City of Haines Citywww.hainescity.com
The recently renovated Lake Eva Park in Haines City is site to events all year along. A few of the ones that we’ve been proud to support in the past are Glitter, Glisten & Snow, Thunder on the Ridge, Ribs on the Ridge, HC Leisure Services Reverse Raffle, and the Back to School and Christmas drives. And an interesting note about Haines City – it is the absolute “heart” of Florida, not just sentimentally, but geographically as well.
City of Winter Havenwww.mywinterhaven.com
Our Winter Haven office is our most recent addition, so we’re just getting our feet wet, so to speak, in this community. But we’re exploring our options and taking notes! The city has events going on year round. Whether on the lakes or in the parks, Winter Haven is a happening place to be. Oh, and it is also home to Legoland – what’s not to love about that? Legoland has been a great supporter of our charitable efforts and we’re happy that they’ve chose Winter Haven to call home!

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